Networking is making miles

Within the project Evangelical Poland we do everything we can to encourage cooperation and actually get it off the ground. And what is the key to cooperation? Mutual trust! And how do you build trust? By really getting to know each other.

You can of course get to know each other over the phone, and since Covid everyone has done all kinds of meetings online. But, it’s almost shocking to see the difference in effect between meeting in person and looking at each other on a screen… We think Zoom works nicely, and we get quite a lot done that way, but, when you get the chance to look into each other’s eyes for an hour, or preferably a little longer, when you can let all forms of non-verbal communication work for you, then you suddenly notice that you are building something!

And so since October I have now made three tours through Poland to really get to know the responsible people behind various organizations, more or less comparable to Bread of Life. Not just by chance during a common activity, but by visiting on purpose. Each round trip was a few days of intensive mileage in various configurations, but every mile (for one trip there were more than 800) was well worth the effort!

For example, practically every meeting was an “aha erlebnis”: “What you are doing here is fantastic, and how wonderful it would be when as many other parties as possible can use your experience!?” Well, but to share, trust is needed…

Happy with every step in that direction!

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