New steps in a new town!

Normally November is not the happiest month of the year… Outside it is cold, wet and dark, and for most people there is often not much to celebrate.

This year it is a completely different story for Bread of Life. No, the weather feels like crap as usual, but, we do celebrate! Last week we welcomed a new connection, next week it’s going to be big party anyway (…!), and last Saturday we celebrated the official opening of the Bread of Life regional branch office in Pleszew, a town of about 20,000 inhabitants an hour’s drive southeast from Poznan.

It went as usual. Konrad, a colleague of Tomek, the director of the Kalisz branch, became enthusiastic about the work and, under Tomek’s supervision, developed more and more independent projects in his own town, Pleszew, quickly receiving full cooperation from the municipal authorities. Well, and when the mayor promised Bread of Life its own office for free in the municipal administration building… Then it was our turn for a formal step.

And that was a party! With snacks, drinks, a few speeches, a great performance of a very nice jazz band, and above all, lots of happy and thankful faces!

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