EP Study Tour in Tarnów – About money…

Here in Poland we have a saying “If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s about money.”

And indeed, whether we want it or not, far too often we have to pay a lot of our attention to money, or even worse, the lack of it. Needs, requirements and great plans to do something about them are plentiful – the limiting factor is often the lack of resources.

One of the ways to get (additional) funds is to apply for grants. Because, many of the things we do as Bread of Life, or as organizations in a broader sense, is a public task for which public funds should be made available.

Should, because they are not just there for the taking. Succesfully applying for grants is a profession, a specialty in itself. But like every profession, you can learn that. And so, as steering group within Evangelical Poland, we organized a so-called Study Tour to Tarnów, in southern Poland, where one of the organizations with which we cooperate has developed the necessary expertise. To share with others!

A lot of listening, a lot of talking, and… we immediately shared a few projects with which we intensively enter the grant market. So be continued!

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