Even on vacation, our calling is never far away!

Being an international family has its advantages. And a two week holiday in the Netherlands is a much less crazy idea than it may seem, especially when you have good friends who have a beautiful guesthouse on a farm in a dream location!

And this Boerderij de Baat is not only an attraction in itself, it also is a base for visiting family and making beautiful day trips.

And so we visited Utrecht, and climbed the 490 steps of the cathedral tower, the highest church tower in the Netherlands. Only to admire the bronze doors of the church being back down again. And what do we see there? In the tradition of the Middle Ages that important proclamations were nailed to church doors by the city council, the text from Matthew 25:31-46 is reproduced here in 7 languages and with various illustrations, about the last judgment and the works of mercy…

Yes, we will come back home soon!

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