Fun with the Central Statistical Office…

Working for and with Bread of Life has many sides, including what you prefer to put off for as long as possible… But dates are unforgiving, and if we didn’t file our declaration for 2020 for the Central Statistical Office before June 30 (yes, they really have something like that everywhere!), we would block our possibilities for grants. So, just do it!

And that’s quite a bizarre job, because how would we ever know exactly how many of the 2,500 people we helped in 2020 qualify as “elderly”, “poor”, “victims of violence” or “released from prison”? Who asks such things?!

But also a rewarding job, because during the online filling in several times “alerts” popped up that the statement for 2020 deviated a lot (in a positive sense!) from data from 2019. Many more distributed goods, many more volunteers, and so on.

Is there a more beautiful interpretation of the command “count your blessings”?

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2 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Woehaha, governments and red tape…. so much… uh….. should i say fun? lol

  2. Reinier van den Berg says:

    Yep, so much fun, that I even was able to write about red tape! Not the most popular subject in ministry reports!

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