The Danish connection

Several times I have already written about how limited our strategic and operational planning is in relation to God’s providence… Here’s another good example.

Last fall we were approached by someone from the “Polish-Danish Humanitarian Aid” to organize a Christmas program for the families of our “protégées”. A bus full of brisk seniors then pampered our families!

This would be continued. Not only in the form of all kinds of other activities, but also a transport of humanitarian aid could be arranged. And that we noticed! No, not just any van… This week they sent a truck with a full trailer to Kalisz, where we have been busy unloading and selecting. An over 30-feet-long cargo hold full of goods, as if specifically ordered…

For our free shop in one of the shopping centers in Kalisz for Ukrainian refugees – there is again enough clothing and household goods for at least the coming weeks, and for the furnishing of Tiny Homes and other locations where we offer living space, we received plenty of furniture.

That’s how we stay busy, that’s how we stay grateful and constantly amazed!

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