Life keeps its colors

After all recent developments, I am often asked how things are going. Not only as a form of courtesy, but certainly also out of genuine interest and compassion. And the answer is increasingly: “Fantastic given the circumstances!”

Because that circumstances are not too colorful I probably don’t have to explain. In April, the crack in the earth in the “Poolse Bergen” has become formal, with all the sadness that comes with it, but… I am learning to look ahead, and to be thankful for all the good there is as well. Sure, that’s a therapeutic process, but it works!

And so we had the opportunity to spend a short May holiday with our good friends Gerrit & Mirjam de Baat in the village of Giessen-Oudekerk in the Dutch polder. It actually worked out that Jonathan, who temporarily lives in Antwerp, came over and was able to spend most of the week with Jadwiga and me.

It was a wonderful week! With after years again the occasion to be at my father’s birthday party, with a sleepin for Jadwiga and her nieces. With the renewing of the beautiful relationship with an uncle and aunt in Terneuzen, and their church that generously supports Bread of Life. Gerrit organized a cow milking course for good friends from Poland who visited the farm. And, with the highlight of a visit to the Keukenhof, the famous Spring garden, where I could show Jonathan and Jadwiga millions of tulips!

Who could say that isn’t beautiful…?

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