Van den Berg Family (De Poolse Bergen) – A crack in the earth

After the radio silence between September and December, from the blogs it may seem “back to business as usual”. Yes, it may seem so.

However, the process of “damage assessment and recovery”, as mentioned in the blog of the end of December “Van den Berg Family (De Poolse Bergen) – An earthquake”, takes a large part of my attention and energy. Fortunately, I find a lot of distraction and also satisfaction in all projects with Bread of Life, but in between all this I live in an unreal world of emotions such as grief and incapability, where I try to create a bit of order, as good as I can.

A crack in the earth has formed in the “Poolse Bergen”. A gap that we didn’t want, neither of us, but that despite good will we can’t undo. Building a bridge across that gap might be possible, but like all bridge building, that is a long-term project. With a feasibility study that would have to be carried out first with all kinds of conditions. And a cost-benefit analysis. And a statement of intent… In short, not all that simple. So there is a gap now. Maja and I live separately.

I asked for prayer – for peace, strength and wisdom. Thanks to everyone who replied to that! Because the way we can currently deal with each other, in respect, peace and mutual involvement, is in itself a miracle, and a great blessing!

Thanks for that, and… please keep praying!

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