Market research…!

After 20 years in business, some practical behavior stays with you… So, what would you do while distributing food to the needy: market research!

When last year we were immensely intensifying distribution because of Covid, I could resist the temptation to write a business plan, but doing some wise research was the least I could do, right?

So, I while others prepared packages, I went up to the queue with my questions. Well, the first person I asked what she liked most from the food packages she received, didn’t understand my question. And even after explaining a bit more, she could not give an answer. She only replied: “We have so few, we love everything we receive…!” Fine. So I went on to the next person, and tried the same question, and… same reaction. “I only have a few zlotys per day to live from, so everything you give is much needed!”. The third and fourth person replied exactly the same, so finally I started to understand that I made a fool of myself. And started to understand even more what a wonderful ministry this is: what we do is so necessary and we can make people really thankful! And by doing so we open doors for the gospel where nobody else could still! Wow!

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