Handyman jobs in NLC with side effects!

In May we introduced Martin & Esther and told you about their plans. But I wonder whether we succeeded in clearly passing on their enthusiasm and dedication.

Because what is their summer vacation? Almost two months of “home improvement” in NLC!

Despite all previous renovation, and despite it all looks quite inviting, there was an incredible list of things that still needed attention. From eliminating water damage, replacing shower cabins, finishing those bathrooms, oiling the stairs, to all kinds of jobs with the electrical installation. And we have a very good one for that with Martin!

However, to understand them a little better, staying in NLC in Długa Goślina is no punishment. Just walking around there immediately gives you a real holiday feeling! So beautiful, so peaceful, so idyllic, so green!

And the fact that Martin and Esther quickly become familiar with the culture, and find their place within Bread of Life and Poznan International Church (PIC) needs no explanation. Plus they could immediately start inviting “occasional” contacts to Długa Goślina. Already now they could start guiding and coaching people who God sent them, who needed help or who needed to hear the gospel!

Which only makes us more thankful that God sent Martin and Esther to us!

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