Love at work!

Thursday morning, August 5th, most of the team of Bread of Life could go the office at Ostrobramska street in Poznan, just as usual. However, duties we slightly different, as we were heading to the chapel downstairs, and our event manager, Monika, was dressed up even more special than the others…

Monika has been a single mom since 10 years, and since 6 years serving with Poznan International Church and Bread of Life. She lights up the team and we know we are blessed to have her!

Tomek is an alumni of New Life Center (about 10 years ago) and a walking testimony of God’s power and grace. After a rough period God touched his heart in NLC, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and since then has been able to put his life back on track, with his family, with his finances, with a job where he regularly makes promotion, and also… To start a new family with Monika!

As a team we were thrilled to enjoy their wedding day with them! To God be the glory!

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