The sooner a million, the better!

2020 was a bizarre year, with major challenges in how to respond to new needs and circumstances. Frequent readers of our posts will remember the incredible figure that Bread of Life’s food distribution literally quadrupled during that year! 200 US tons, with a retail value of more than 1 million Polish zlotys (~ 270,000 US dollars). Did we do so little before then…? One might even think so. 50 tons, meh. 🙂

But the 200 tons over 2020 was not a goal. It was a means given to us to suddenly reach many, many more new people! And that was very encouraging! And we want a lot more of that! And it works!

And so we recently experienced a beautiful moment during our one of regular team meetings: by booking the figures for August 2021, it turned out that we have already passed 2020. Already more than 200 tons, already more than 1 million zlotys of food distributed. And we still have four months. We are grateful! Just like so many recipients! Of food, smiles, encouragements and testimonies!

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