A million, yes: 1,000,000!

Whether you’re working in sales, whether you are project developer, a manager, or I don’t know who someone might be… You have targets. Right, and even people who run a foundation in the area of mercy and justice have targets.

As a recognized public benefit organization (equivalent of a 501 (c)3 status), we are given the chance to use the opportunity the government gives taxpayers to donate 1% of their annual tax return to any charity of their choice. And of course we prefer to be this charity!

After we collected last year more than 927,000 Polish zlotys through the 1% scheme, the target for 2022 became pretty obvious… We wanted to reach the million! To be able to help more people, but honestly also to be able to continuously cover our growing overhead costs.

We campaigned, opened up some new channels to give Bread of Life more “exposure” concerning 1%, encouraged everyone involved around our protégés to promote, and… Then the big transfer came in from the central tax office: 1,023,504.28 zlotys! Yes, we made it! How thankful we are!

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