Dream team – part 2

Last year around this time we as a Bread of Life had the honor of receiving a Mission Team from the town of Easton in Maryland. Then I tried to give an impression of this visit in a blog “Dream Team” – because the team was really awesome!

And what makes it even better… They had such impressions that they sent, under the leadership of the same pastor Joe, a new team to also get a taste of the various projects that we do in our ministry.

And so from April 3rd till 10th we had another group, which we could get involved in and take responsibility for food distribution, an integration day with now 50 Polish and Ukrainian children, practical work at our New Life Center, and a visit to the orphanage in Kórnik where we are running our program “Under Wings”.

Joe, Greg, Averie, Gabe, Liam, Evan and Zeke, thanks for your active roles and impact! Hereby you receive the title “Dream Team 2”! 🙂

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