Dream team!

Most people have dreams. But not everyone chases their dreams.

Last week we as Bread of Life had the special honor to welcome nine real doers. And that always goes through relationships… Bread of Life’s relationship with Poznan International Church, where a colonel chaplain in the US Military (having a large logistics unit stationed in Poznan), is guest preacher, and who maintains a close relationship with a church in the town of Easton, Maryland

This group came over, and has not sat still for a moment. Impressions galore, including:

  • Straight off the plane, they received a crash course in “How to talk to a refugee?”
  • Still the same day food distribution with face-to-face interaction with both Poles and Ukrainians;
  • Responsibility for an integration day with almost 40 Polish and Ukrainian children;
  • Three days of work in and around the Tiny Homes of our New Life Center – with direct interaction with the Ukrainian residents and their children!
  • And instead of chilling out a bit on the last day before departure, an intensive cultural-historical program in Poznań…

We sometimes wonder whether we are not guilty of exploiting… 🙂 But, seeing messages in their WhatsApp group come along like “great memories from our awesome time in Poland” probably it’s not too bad. Their dreams are real!

Jack, Autumn, Robin, Alan, Sharon, Christine, James, Aiden and Joe, thank you very, very much!

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