“For such a time as this…?”

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we have now worked for more than two and a half months in a kind of new reality. Very challenging, very tiring because of the intensity, but with an increasing awareness that we are part of something bigger. At the most, we only get a glimpse of the eventual impact.

With more and more questions about how to effectively follow up on the reception and integration of refugees under our care.

Because that feeling is very widely shared, last Wednesday we as Evangelical Poland organized a one-day conference in Warsaw for representatives of churches and organizations like Bread of Life – and with over 100 attendees we actively looked for answers to those questions.

We were able to learn a lot from the experiences of others, got access to all kinds of great tools, but above all… Various Ukrainians present made contributions that adjusted the one-sided image of Poland providing aid. Because, as a tiny minority of evangelical Christians in catholic Poland, do we realize that Ukraine easily has 10 times as many evangelical Christians? And with just under 3 million refugees in Poland, the math is simple: right now the churches could just double! With unprecedented opportunities for evangelism and aid!

So a landslide, with probably new roles for everyone. Especially for the Ukrainians who have been in the country for several years, like our Olek and Tamara in NLC.

And when asked why Evangelical Poland was started a few years ago, why it was possible to map humanitarian organizations just before the outbreak of the war within the project “Katalog DOBRA” (“dobra” = “the good”)…Perhaps the text from Esther 4:14 applies?

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