The support of Moses

In my blog from December “The art of waiting in the Van den Berg Family (De Poolse Bergen)” I mentioned the example of Moses who, seemingly quite pointless, for 40 years walked behind sheep, waiting. Seemingly, because the time of waiting was crucial.

Lately, another example from Moses’s life has touched me: the story from Exodus 17, where Moses was blessing the people of Israel during battle. He wanted to, but could no longer. Only with the help of Aaron and Hur, who held his hands up, he could bless, unrelenting.

Because of everything that has happened in the last year and a half, I also too often have the feeling that I can no longer do it anymore. But luckily I also have family and friends, who, as Aaron and Hur, really support me… And I get the power to keep going in the work I know I’m called for!

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