My muse!

Who does not know the saying: “Behind every successful man…”? Well, the number of variations on this has no limits, some even more extreme than others. And whether I can really call myself a successful man?

But still, for the last two weeks, that thought has not left me, in admiration of all the initiatives that Maja spontaneously takes up. She doesn’t need a plan or team meeting – she sees a need for help, and she’s on the move!

Just a few illustrations from an endless series:

In 2002, for example, she saw the needs in an orphanage in Wolsztyn, west of Poznan, where for years, week after week, she provided practical help, took care of food distribution, recruited a team of volunteers to tutor the children, organized emergency actions with help from international students to boost the speaking skills of a few teenagers to save their oral finals, let children participate in children’s camps, which were organized by the church, and… in this way had a great impact on the growth and development of a large number of children!

In 2013, for example, during a visit to family in Cameroon, she saw the needs in an orphanage there, after which she activated both friends here in Poland and those involved in Cameroon to various forms of help!

And so she now sees in 2021 the needs of “new” international students in Poznań, from various African countries, who are thrown into the deep here without a warm coat, without cultural preparation and without contacts. And once again she is on the move, and by providing concrete aid packages and personal contacts within a few days, she lets these students end up feeling in a warm bath all the same!

We are grateful for all the facilities of Bread of Life, but… anyway it’s about the heart!

Maja, I love you!

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