Our warehouse at the Taylors

Once, in 1996, when Bread of Life still didn’t exist at all, Dale and Asia Taylor, an Anglo-Polish couple, good friends, were hosting the party in their house on the occasion of our civil wedding.

On the same street, two blocks from our office at Ostrobramska in Poznan, Dale and Asia are now in charge of the Bread of Life warehouse of relief supplies! They have made the large teaching space of their language school available – Ostrobramska had no more space due to the massive influx of refugees.

An improvisation? Temporary storage? No, we are blessed with a perfectly organized drop-in area for refugees who need clothes, shoes, blankets or personal hygiene products. No, no piles of cardboard boxes and searching people, but custom-sorted goods!

Walentyna, herself a refugee, now has a part-time job at Bread of Life to show her compatriots around, and to select what is needed from new transports to supplement our warehouse, or what will be send to Ukraine itself.

Big thanks to Dale and Asia and their family, Walentyna, the scout teams and other volunteers who help with lugging and sorting! And so 26 years later, they are once again throwing a party in their house!

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