The holiday season of December, or, how long can you stay outside?

Most blogs we write have an enthusiastic undertone: we enjoy what we do, we have great contacts, and the grateful faces of the people we help are a true reward and further encouragement.

And if one has to write about the holiday season of December, a month full of activities in a lofty Christmas atmosphere, you would expect superlatives. Wouldn’t you?

Well, despite all the good preparations we suffered…! We traveled, we got tired, we froze our butts off, because… how long can you just stand outside at a temperature around freezing point? How long can you keep busy without even being able to sit and unwind for a moment? Well, I can tell you: very, very long! But that will literally wear you down!

Constructing stands and stage for a few hours, and then being the point of contact for various guests, artists, volunteers until late at night… Of course we have our responsible event manager, who felt just as frozen in the end, but that doesn’t mean that as a director you shouldn’t set the right example, and would not freeze before all the others….

In other words, the fundraising events in the city centers of Poznan and Kalisz were fantastic! Lots of people, lots of generous donors, great performances, and… we’re very happy that it will be spring and summer again someday and we can really warm up again!

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