There are exams not only during studies or at school!

The vast majority of the work we do as Bread of Life relies heavily on the efforts of volunteers. Who drags all the food, who is dedicated to social media for fundraising, who often speaks to our recipients or protégés with words of encouragement?

We have these volunteers in all shapes and sizes, in all ages, and from diverse backgrounds. And often it is these volunteers who are especially open to the message we bring!

When we wrote at the end of May about new opportunities with at the municipality of Murowana Goślina, north of Poznań, where our New Life Center is located in the village of Długa Goślina, we were encouraged. But we didn’t know yet that for the very first larger event, a 10-km run through the town, the coordination of all volunteers would land in our lap. A 10-km run? Who are we helping with that? Are all those hundreds of runners hungry or something? When they’re done running, sure, but that’s not what we’re here for, is it?

Or? With this invitation we had the opportunity to explain to about 60 teenagers what a great foundation is active in the area, how nice it is to help the needy, and last but not least, this was an exam to put ourselves on the map as a reliable partner for the city authorities!

The event last weekend was a success, most runners were satisfied, no accidents happened, and… Bread of Life was complimented on all sides with a tangible effect: for October we already received an invitation to organize an own fundraising event with the promise of all possible help of the municipality needed. Yes!

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