Distribution (just) continues!

Before February 24, within Bread of Life we rarely complained that we had too little to do. Our programs grew, and we were happy with the response, happy with support and happy with volunteers willing to roll up their sleeves to physically help, guide and encourage people!

How do we do that after February 24, with suddenly all the requests for help for refugees from Ukraine? With all the coordination we do? Do we still see the needs among Poles themselves?

With the fact that we all take a few extra steps, and that we fortunately have many extra volunteers, we manage to offer continuity. The start of a renewed prevention program “Pod skrzydłami” (“Under wings”), planned for this spring, is continuing, more about that at a later time. Our protégés can count on us all the time, and food distribution is only increasing!

In addition to transport to our regular distribution points, we now also deliver to several coordinators for refugee care every Tuesday and Friday morning, who also leave the Food Bank with a fully loaded car!

And what’s more beautiful than to see that various Ukrainians do not sit back and wait, but actively participate in helping their compatriots?!

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